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TuningFilm 700 BF Sublime

This series of wrapping films features 19 matt and 19 gloss colours and is specifically designed for the decoration and total wrapping of vehicles and boats hulls above the water line.

This series of wrapping films features 19 matt and 19 gloss colours and is specifically designed for the decoration and total wrapping of vehicles and boats hulls above the water line. The films have an external durability of up to 7 years in colours and 6 years in metallics and are perfect for bubble free and quick applications with the help of the Bubble Free technology.

To reserve your order of TuningFilm 700 BF Sublime, contact your local Amari Plastics Centre and quote the product codes VMBT06815U to VMBT99115U.

Properties & advantages at a glance
  • 85μm calendered polymeric vinyl
  • Low tack repositionable solvent based acrylic adhesive for easy application
  • Self-extinguishing
  • Very good scratch resistance

Processing instructions for TuningFilm 700 BF Sublime:

It is recommended that you clean any surface to which the film is being applied with soapy water to remove any dust and isopropanol alcohol to remove any grease.


  • Onto flat/slightly curved surfaces – use the dry application method
  • Onto convex surfaces – heat the film with a heat gun before conforming it over the area
  • Onto corrugated/concave surfaces – it is recommended that you cut the film and apply it without tension as if the film is stretched into the corrugation it may pop-out a few weeks after application
  • On rivets – apply the film with high pressure and heat with a heat gun to over 500ÅãC. Please note the film may lift slightly after a few weeks


Once heated, TuningFilm 700 BF Sublime is extremely easy to remove cleanly, leaving hardly any adhesive residue behind and keeping intact the original car paint.

TuningFilm 700 BF Sublime offer:
Interior / Exterior Use
Code Name / Colour Finish
TF 729-00 BF White Gloss
TF 709-09 BF Banana Yellow Gloss
TF 709-35 BF Flash Orange Gloss
TF 759-27 BF Spicy Red Gloss
TF 759-00 BF Medium Red Gloss
TF 759-09 BF Cyclamen Gloss
TF 739-38 BF Aubergine Gloss
TF 739-23 BF Scandinavian Blue Gloss
TF 739-12 BF Ultramarine Blue Gloss
TF 739-11 BF Vivid Blue Gloss
TF 739-19 BF Ocean Addict Blue Gloss
TF 749-13 BF Apple Green Gloss
TF 749-24 BF Green Yellow Gloss
TF 769-00 BF Silver Gloss
TF 789-01 BF Charcoal Gloss
TF 789-00 BF Black Gloss
TF 728-00 BF White Matt
TF 708-09 BF Banana Yellow Matt
TF 708-35 BF Flash Orange Matt
TF 758-27 BF Spicy Red Matt
TF 758-00 BF Medium Red Matt
TF 758-09 BF Cyclamen Matt
TF 738-38 BF Aubergine Matt
TF 738-23 BF Scandinavian Blue Matt
TF 738-12 BF Ultramarine Blue Matt
TF 738-11 BF Vivid Blue Matt
TF 738-66 BF Frosty Blue Matt
TF 738-68 BF Arctic Blue Matt
TF 748-13 BF Apple Green Matt
TF 748-24 BF Green Yellow Matt
TF 778-05 BF Red Copper Matt
TF 778-06 BF Champagne Matt
TF 768-00 BF Silver Matt
TF 788-01 BF Charcoal Matt
TF 788-00 BF Black Matt
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