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Lightweight sheet material with a core of expanded polystyrene and surfaces of solid polystyrene.

SMART-X® can be cut on horizontal and vertical circular panel saws. Care should be taken to set the clamping devices and draw-in claws (if available) to minimum pressure. The surface of SMART-X® does not have a protective covering, so care should be taken when processing to avoid surface marking.

SMART-X® sheets can be printed with excellent results using UV curing inks on direct digital printing machines (flat-bed machines). However, aggressive solvent based inks may attack the surfaces of SMART-X®. Wear cotton gloves when handling unprinted sheets and wipe the sheets dry after having used liquid cleaning agents. Use ionized air to blow loose debris off SMART-X® sheets prior to printing.

Compared to traditional sheet materials, the surfaces of SMART-X® are slightly rougher. Prior to applying vinyl graphics to SMART-X® for the first time, some practical tests with familiar graphics film of known per- formance are highly recommended in order to verify that the envisaged film is really suitable for the in- tended purposes and locations.

Properties & advantages at a glance
  • 100% recyclable
  • Very good weathering properties, recommended for
    exterior signage for up to 2 years
  • Moisture resistant
  • Lightweight – 5mm – 13kg/m2 / 10mm – 2kg/m2
  • Rigid
  • Hard surfaces
  • Can be used flat and vertically
  • Excellent printability – screen printing with standard inks formulated
    for polystyrene or direct digital printing with UV curing inks
SMART-X® offer:
Environmentally Friendly
Interior / Exterior Use
Screen Printable
UV Digitally Printable
Technical Specification
Product Code Size(mm) Thickness(mm) Product Reference Box Quantity
KB1100540 2440x1220 5 Smart-X 20
KB1100561 3050x1220 5 Smart-X 20
KB1100564S 3050x1560 5 Smart-X 1
KB1100570S 3050x2030 5 Smart-X 1
KB1101040 2440x1220 10 Smart-X 10
KB1101061 3050x1220 10 Smart-X 10
KB1101064S 3050x1560 10 Smart-X 1
KB1101070S 3050x2030 10 Smart-X 1
KB1101940S 2440x1220 19 Smart-X 1
KB1101961S 3050x1220 19 Smart-X 1
KB1101970S 3050x2030 19 Smart-X 1
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