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Plexiglas LED

A range of products designed for working with LED’s in illuminated applications. As a sheet or a rod, Plexiglas® LED (formerly known as
Endlighten T) glows over its entire surface. The Led lights are then installed over the edge or end.

The material then distributes light evenly and provides a high luminous efficiency.
The Plexiglas® LED product has a scratch resistant coating on one side, which makes posters for instance, insensitive to damage that might cause optical disturbances on the service side. This product is particularly suitable for super slim back lit poster boxes and displays, decorative wall panels and POS displays.

Also part of this range is Plexiglas® WH46 SC for side lighting.
A cast white translucent grade from the Plexiglas® LED family that was developed as a white lighted mirror for light box signs that incorporate side – lit LED modules.

The sheets offer special light diffusion at the surface and inside the material. This ensures more uniform light distribution combined with optimal luminous efficiency. This product can be used for light boxes with one or two luminous surfaces where the sheet is printed directly or carries a transparency to display an image, or it can be used as a diffuser installed between the poster and the backlighting source.

Plexiglas® LED also carries grades such as 0M200 SC, specially designed as cover for LED light fixtures, in particular where there is little space between the LED and the material; Plexiglas® WH14, WH72, WH51 and WM51 – all grades of white translucent sheets specially designed for backlighting with LEDS. These sheets offer a high degree of white opacity in incident light and daylight. Its translucency has been optimized to offer extremely high transmission rates paired with high light diffusion, which prevents any LED hot spots.

Plexiglas LED offer:
Environmentally Friendly
Interior / Exterior Use
Technical Specification
Product Code Colour Size(mm) Thickness(mm)
3T2H410370 Orange 2H41 3050x2030 3
3T3H260370 Red 3H36 3050x2030 3
3TWH140370 Opal WH14 3050x2030 3
3TWH512033 Opal WH51 2030x1520 20
3TWH512070 Opal WH51 3050x2030 20
3TWH513027 Opal WH51 2000x1000 30
3TWH513033 Opal WH51 2000x1500 30
3TWH513070 Opal WH51 3000x2000 30
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