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MACal.® 9300 Pro

MACal® 9300 Pro is exclusively designed for your medium to long term marking applications which require a 7-8 year outdoor durability.

MACal. 9300 Pro is exclusively designed for your medium to long term marking applications which require a 7-8 year outdoor durability. With a choice of 53 gloss, 3 metallics and 4 matt colours, this vinyl is an excellent choice for a huge variety of applications whilst being cost effective.

To reserve your order of MACal® 9300 Pro, contact your local Amari Plastics Centre and quote the product codes VM6000061U – VM6901123U.

Properties & advantages at a glance
  • 70μm polymeric opaque calendared soft vinyl.
  • External durability of 8 years in black and white, 7 years in the colours and 5 years in metallics.
  • Improved release liner for even easier weeding.
  • Permanent solvent based adhesive.
  • The 135gsm liner is printed with red backprinting to aid application.
  • Colour range is compatible with other leading manufacturers’ products.

Processing Instructions for MACal® 9300 Pro:

Computer Cutting:

  • Trouble-free, quick and clean with most plotters and designed for even quicker weeding.
  • Remember to adjust the cutting depth as if it is too deep the liner paper may split and come away with the adhesive when transferring the vinyl to Application Tape.


  • It is recommended that suitability tests are carried out when applying the vinyl to substrate.
  • The transfer of the cut vinyl onto the Application Tape should always be performed by removing the liner from the pressure-sensitive material (i.e. with the PVC face downwards onto the working surface) and not by lifting off the Application Tape.
  • The dry application method should be used on slightly curved surfaces. On flat surfaces both the dry and wet application method can be used.
  • It is vital to ensure surfaces to which the vinyl is applied are clean from dust and grease.

Edge sealing and varnishing:

  • If exposure to chemicals and solvents is likely, sealing the edges with varnish will help prevent them lifting.


  • MACal. 9300 Pro is designed for medium to long term marking applications both indoors and outdoors such as vehicle markings and window graphics.
MACal.® 9300 Pro offer:
Interior / Exterior Use
Code Name / Colour Finish
9809-21 Pro Pastel Yellow Gloss
9309-58 Pro Daffodil Yellow Gloss
9309-59 Pro Canary Yellow Gloss
9309-60 Pro Mango Gloss
9309-61 Pro Dark Orange Gloss
9309-62 Pro Tangerine Gloss
9359-25 Pro Warm Red Gloss
9359-26 Pro Strawberry Red Gloss
9359-57 Pro Bright Red Gloss
9359-58 Pro Scarlet Red Gloss
9359-59 Pro Crimson Red Gloss
9359-60 Pro Apple Red Gloss
9359-61 Pro Cherry Red Gloss
9359-62 Pro Bordeaux Gloss
9339-45 Pro Purple Gloss
9339-46 Pro Lavender Gloss
9359-32 Pro Lilac Gloss
9359-15 Pro Fuschia Gloss
9359-08 Pro Panther Rose Gloss
9359-30 Pro Salmon Pink Gloss
9339-76 Pro Night Blue Gloss
9339-39 Pro Antique Blue Gloss
9339-78 Pro Klein Blue Gloss
9339-77 Pro Indigo Gloss
9339-79 Pro Lapis Blue Gloss
9339-80 Pro Marine Blue Gloss
9339-81 Pro Ceylon Blue Gloss
9339-82 Pro Electric Blue Gloss
9339-83 Pro Celest Blue Gloss
9339-84 Pro Sky Topaze Gloss
9339-43 Pro Iceberg Gloss
9349-31 Pro Blue Green Gloss
9349-30 Pro Pastel Green Gloss
9349-32 Pro Pistachio Gloss
9349-26 Pro Dark Petrol Gloss
9349-59 Pro Teal Blue Gloss
9349-60 Pro Spinach Green Gloss
9349-61 Pro Leaf Green Gloss
9349-52 Pro Light Green Gloss
9349-62 Pro Sinaple Green Gloss
9349-63 Pro Meadow Green Gloss
9329-21 Pro Egg Shell Gloss
9329-10 Pro Cream Gloss
9379-07 Pro Metallic Gold Metallic
9378-03 Pro Copper Matt Matt
9383-07 Pro Clay Brown Gloss
9383-10 Pro Chestnut Gloss
9383-18 Pro Chocolate Gloss
9369-10 Pro Silver Gloss
9369-11 Pro Grey Aluminium Gloss
9389-37 Pro Stone Grey Gloss
9389-38 Pro Dove Grey Gloss
9389-36 Pro Elephant Grey Gloss
9388-40 Pro Metallic Grey Matt Matt/Metallic
9389-39 Pro Anthracite Gloss
9389-00 Pro Black Gloss
9388-00 Pro Black Matt Matt
9399-00 Pro Transparent Gloss
9329-00 Pro White Gloss
9328-00 Pro White Matt Matt
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