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Hexacomb® FalconboardTM is the only graphic display board made from re-usable, renewable and 100% recyclable kraft paper honeycomb material.

Hexacomb® FalconboardTM is the only graphic display board made from re-usable, renewable and 100% recyclable kraft paper honeycomb material. FalconboardTM offers designers and fabricators a truly recyclable, environmentally conscious product that helps divert millions of pounds of waste from land fills.

  • 100% recyclable – place with your general paper waste
  • Highly sustainable product – up to 95% recycled material
  • Consistent high quality print surface
  • Available in PrintGrade, Build(for 3D print work) & Mount
  • Available in new brighter white liner
Processing instructions for FalconBoardTM

FalconboardTM is easy to cut, slit, and form into many shapes and custom sizes utilising most common hand held cutting knife blades. Computerised cutting tables that are commonly used throughout the corrugated industry can easily cut / slit FalconboardTM for any custom application. FalconboardTM is clean and easy to work with compared to plywood or foam products. Sawdust, nails, splinters and disposal problems are eliminated.

Environmentally Friendly
Interior / Exterior Use
Screen Printable
UV Digitally Printable
Technical Specification
Product Code Size(mm) Thickness(mm) Product Reference Box Quantity
N0BB06040B 2440x1220 6 Falconboard Print 15
N0BB10040B 2440x1220 10 Falconboard Print 9
N0BB10064B 3050x1400 10 Falconboard Print 9
N0BB18040P 2440x1220 18 Falconboard Print 5
N0BB16041B 2440x1220 6 Falconboard Build 6
N0BB16064B 3050x1400 6 Falconboard Build 6
N0BM10040B 2440x1220 10 Falconboard Mount 9
N0BW10040B 2440x1220 10 Falconboard All White 9
N0BW10064B 3050x1400 10 Falconboard All White 9
N0BW16040B 2440x1220 16 Falconboard All White 6
N0BW16064B 3050x1400 16 Falconboard All White 6
N0BT100625 25 meters 6 Falconboard Edge Tape 1
N0BT101025 25 meters 10 Falconboard Edge Tape 1
N0BT101625 25 meters 16 Falconboard Edge Tape 1
N0BT101825 25 meters 18 Falconboard Edge Tape 1
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