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Acrycast® is our premium quality branded acrylic with a pedigree of more than 20 years, performing at the highest levels in world markets.

The range of colours, finishes and thicknesses combined with the extensive range of sheet sizes- both metric and imperial- means Acrycast has probably the widest number of range items available within the UK market.

  • Premium quality branded cast acrylic sheets backed by the Amari Plastics name
  • Globally sourced and used in many demanding markets and applications for over 20 years
  • Available 2mm to 50mm thick
  • Available in up to 13 sheet sizes – both imperial and metric
  • Standard UK colour range is available from your local Amari Plastics branch
  • Colour matching and specials available upon request
  • Complementary range of  ‘frosted’ effect acrylics available
  • Available in clear, white, opals and colours.
Acrycast offer:
Interior / Exterior Use
Screen Printable
UV Digitally Printable
Technical Specification
Product Code Size(mm) Thickness(mm)
AA0000240 2440x1220 2
AA0000333 2050x1520 3
AA0000340 2440x1220 3
AA0000370 3050x2050 3
AA0000433 2050x1520 4
AA0000440 2440x1220 4
AA0000470 3050x2050 4
AA0000533 2050x1520 5
AA0000540 2440x1220 5
AA0000570 3050x2050 5
AA0000633 2050x1520 6
AA0000640 2440x1220 6
AA0000670 3050x2050 6
AA0000833 2050x1520 8
AA0000870 3050x2050 8
AA0001033 2050x1520 10
AA0001040 2440x1220 10
AA0001070 3050x2050 10
AA0001233 2050x1520 12
AA0001240 2440x1220 12
AA0001270 3050x2050 12
AA0001533 2000x1500 15
AA0001570 3000x2000 15
AA0002033 2000x1500 20
AA0002043 2440x1220 20
AA0002070 3000x2000 20
AA0002533 2000x1500 25
AA0002543 2440x1220 25
AA0002570 3000x2000 25
AA0003020 1980x1490 30
AA0003040 2440x1220 30
AA0003056 2980x1980 30
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