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3M™ Scotchcal™ 100 Series Premium Cast

3M™ Scotchcal™ Opaque Graphic Film Series 100 is a premium cast opaque film suitable for rounded, corrugated and riveted surfaces

3M™ Scotchcal™ Opaque Graphic Film Series 100 is a premium cast opaque film suitable for rounded, corrugated and riveted surfaces. Available in over 100 different colours, the Scotchcal™ 100 Series has superb layflat performance for flat bed cutters, allowing easy weeding on even the smallest graphics.

To reserve your order of 3M™ Scotchcal™ 100 Series Premium Cast, contact your local Amari Plastics Centre and quote the product codes VL21001012 to VL21012412.


Properties & advantages at a glance
  • 12 Years (black and white)
  • 8 Years (colours)
  • 6 Years (metallics and transparent)
  • 50 Micron
  • Acrylic based, clear, permanent
  • -40°C to +110°C Temperature range
  • +4°C for flat and slightly curved surfaces,
  • +10°C for riveted surfaces,
  • +15°C for metallic colours
Applications of product
3M™ Scotchcal™ 100 Series Premium Cast offer:
Interior / Exterior Use
Code Name / Colour Finish
100-25/5 Yellow Gloss
100-15/15 Cadmium Yellow Gloss
100-2432/5 Spring Yellow Gloss
100-385 Light Lemon Yellow Gloss
100-2434 Signal Orange Gloss
100-410/5 Mandarin Gloss
100-14 Bright Orange Gloss
100-717/5 Light Orange Gloss
100-598/5 Apricot Gloss
100-176/5 Geranium Red Gloss
100-368/5 Light Red Gloss
100-13 Tomato Red Gloss
100-286 Red Orange Gloss
100-386 Dark Burgundy Gloss
100/723 Burgundy Red Gloss
100-23/5 Ruby Red Gloss
100-53 Cardinal Red Gloss
100-720 Red Gloss
100-29 Chestnut Brown Gloss
100-107 Brown Gloss
100-19 Deep Mahogany Brown Gloss
100-265 Violet Gloss
100-721 Bright Violet Gloss
100-595 Royal Purple Gloss
100-454 Pink Gloss
100-821 Magneta Gloss
100-47 Intense Blue Gloss
100-415 Sky Blue Gloss
100-57 Olympic Blue Gloss
100-123 Light Blue Gloss
100-453 Soft Blue Gloss
100-37 Sapphire Blue Gloss
100-003 Dark Blue Gloss
100-1789 Fjord Blue Gloss
100-17 Vivid Blue Gloss
100-002 Traffic Blue Gloss
100-27 Insignia Blue Gloss
100-1794 Deep Blue Gloss
100-1182 Marine Blue Gloss
100-2417 Cobalt Blue Gloss
100-724 Light Navy Gloss
100-2418 Khaki Gloss
100-008 Fir Tree Green Gloss
100-727 Forest Green Gloss
100-56 Dark Green Gloss
100-027 Emerald Green Gloss
100-450 Sherwood Green Gloss
100-722 Bright Green Gloss
100-122 Green Gloss
100-719/5 Apple Green Gloss
100-047 Light Green Gloss
100-2420/5 Moss Green Gloss
100-449 Lime Green Gloss
100-603 Teal Gloss
100-718 Jade Green Gloss
100-716 Aqua Gloss
100-600 Robin Egg Blue Gloss
100-725/5 Shadow Blue Gloss
100-726/5 Wedgewood Blue Gloss
100-467/5 Esso Beige Gloss
100-2424 Safari Beige Gloss
100-2425 Sierra Beige Gloss
100-2436/5 Camouflage Green Matt
100-2034 Pond Green Matt
100-2290 Black Olive Matt
100-12 Black Gloss
100-22 Black Matt
100-012 Grey Gloss
100-706 Dark Grey Gloss
100-2426 Mountain Grey Gloss
100-2435/5 Office Grey Gloss
100-038 Traffic Grey Gloss
100-822 Mid Grey Gloss
100-605/5 Medium Grey Gloss
100-384/5 Light Grey Gloss
100-2427 Marble Grey Gloss
100-079/5 Stone Grey Gloss
100-11/5 Pearl Grey Gloss
100-2429/5 Nevada Beige Gloss
100-728 Beige Grey Gloss
100-119/5 Beige Gloss
100-20 White Matt
100-10 White Gloss
100-114 Transparent Gloss
100-383 Ivory Gloss
100-731 Dark Ivory Gloss
100-58 Aluminium Metallic Gloss/Metallic
100-144 Anthracite Metallic Gloss/Metallic
100-2443 Chamois Metallic Gloss/Metallic
100-2444 Silver Metallic Gloss/Metallic
100-2445 Pearl Metallic Gloss/Metallic
100-2446 Honey Gold Metallic Gloss/Metallic
100-54 Gold Metallic Gloss/Metallic
100-2447 Bronze Metallic Gloss/Metallic
100-2448 Pistachio Metallic Gloss/Metallic
100-2455 Indigo Metallic Gloss/Metallic
100-2458 Light Violet Metallic Gloss/Metallic
100-2460 Aubergine Metallic Gloss/Metallic
100-2438 Platinum Metallic Matt/Metallic
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