Medical Cladding

Specialist in plastic sheets for wall cladding

In places where there is a lot of foot traffic, such as in public buildings and hospitals, plastic wall cladding panels offer a solution. These materials are often impact and shock resistant, they do not discolour and they meet various safety requirements. In addition to safety or ease of maintenance, plastic wall cladding can also be chosen from an aesthetic point of view.

Medical cladding Medical cladding

Lexan Cliniwall

Unique features

  • Impact and shock resistant, scratch resistant
  • Antibacterial properties (according to log 4 spec. ISO 22196)
  • Resistant to chemicals, blood and urine
  • Excellent fire and smoke properties (EN 13501-1)
  • Easy to install and clean

About Lexan Cliniwall for hospital cladding

Lexan Cliniwall is a new thermoplastic impact and shock resistant sheet material for cleanroom surfaces and internal wall cladding in public buildings and hospitals. The sheets are homogeneous, so have no paint or laminated (top) layers and therefore do not lose paint and/or (top) layer flakes in the event of collisions. The antibacterial (ISO 22196) plates are also resistant to chemicals, blood and urine and are easy to clean and disinfect.

Medical cladding Medical cladding


Unique features

  • Very impact and shock resistant
  • High chemical resistance
  • Available in many designs and surface textures
  • Easy to mold cold and warm
  • Self-extinguishing and heat resistant

About Kydex for medical cladding

Kydex sheet - PMMA/PVC is excellent for sawing, drilling and milling using normal tools. In addition, Kydex sheet can be cold stamped and it is easy to thermoform. For example, Kydex sheet is used as a cladding material for MDF parts and for plastic wall cladding (thicknesses from 1.5 mm).

Paneltim wandbekleding Paneltim wandbekleding


Unieke kenmerken

  • Gewicht: 7,5 kg/m2 (dikte 20 mm)
  • Leverbare oppervlak afwerkingen en kleuren: Glad / Beige, Wit, Zwart
  • Leverbare afmetingen: 1200 x 1000 / 1200 x 800 mm
  • Leverbare diktes: 20, 35, 50 mm

Over Paneltim voor kunststof wandbekleding

De Paneltim constructieplaat bestaat uit twee spuitgegoten polypropeen platen met aan één zijde een meegespoten rooster. Beide platen zijn aan de roosterzijde door middel van een spiegellas verbonden. Zo ontstaat een sterke constructieplaat met roosterkern. Het lichte en sterke materiaal leent zich uitstekend voor kunststof wandbekleding.