Fixing Button Brown 10mm 10 Pack

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Technical information

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Width (mm)10
Pack10 Pack
Length (mm)0
Thickness (mm)0
Length Metre (m)0
Weight (kg)0.5
Diameter (mm)0


Technical information

Twinfix Fixing Buttons are polycarbonate covered buttons that provide additional fixing strength to multiwall polycarbonate roofs, particularly where wind and/or snow loading is a concern.

They are designed to secure multiwall polycarbonate sheet to timber supports such as rafters or purlins and can also be used when an installer glazes a sheet of multiwall polycarbonate at centres greater than those recommended by the manufacturers.

The buttons are sold in packs, complete with foam washers, wood screws and screw cap covers.

Fitting instructions

The buttons should be screwed through pre-drilled holes in the multiwall polycarbonate sheet into the rafter or purlin. The sheet should be drilled before fitting to allow dirt, dust and swarf to be removed from the flutes and the holes should be drilled oversize by 3mm at 300mm intervals.

The foam washer should be fitted between the button and the sheet as natural thermal expansion will mean the sheet will move when fitted.


Although we supply fixing buttons, these are not a highly recommended, long-term method of securing polycarbonate glazing to a structure. Due to the natural movement of the sheet through expansion and contraction, leaking may eventually occur through the fixing button and the hole drilled in the polycarbonate. We would always advocate glazing to the recommended centres, using a suitable glazing bar system.