Automotive & bodybuilding

Innovative plastics for vehicle bodywork

The automotive industry is an important sector for the plastics industry. Where the upholstery, furnishing and construction of passenger and goods transport cars used to consist of wood and metal, now more and more plastic is used. The automotive industry acts as an engine for innovation in the plastics industry. Developments and novelties generated by the large-scale R&D programs in the automotive industry are later often applied in other industrial sectors. The advantages of plastics compared to the traditionally used materials are numerous.

Polypropylene for vehicle bodywork Polypropylene for vehicle bodywork


Unique features

  • Light and strong
  • Impact resistant
  • Easy to machine

About plastics for bodywork

Polypropylene and in particular sandwich panels are extremely suitable for bodywork construction. The core of the sheet consists of a thermoformed structure, which contains air to make it lighter. The material has low moisture absorption and a high chemical resistance. It also long-lasting and durable.