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Vacuum forming and thermoforming are techniques in which a plastic sheet or roll is heated and then formed into a final product in a plastic state by means of a mould. The difference between vacuum forming and thermoforming is that with vacuum forming, the plastic is sucked over the mold by means of a vacuum. Amari Plastics has a wide range of materials available for both thermoforming and vacuum forming applications. Ask for our advice about which types are suitable for this. These products are quickly available from stock. Of course, if desired, we can cut to size for you.

There are various options available ex works. For example, it is possible to apply a UV protective top layer or a 'soft touch' surface. For example, various structures are also possible that ensure that your product, in addition to a beautiful appearance, is also less sensitive to scratches. In addition, certain grades of PVC, PP and PE are available on request, which have been specially developed for thermoforming and vacuum forming applications. Materials with a certification for, for example, interior applications in the automotive industry are also possible.

Medisch thermovormen Medisch thermovormen


Suitable plastics

About medical thermoforming

Vacuum-formed end products are indispensable in the medical world. (Sterilisable) packaging and medical trays are products that we encounter in daily life. Naturally, Amari Plastics has suitable plastic roll and sheet materials for this, such as Polycarbonate and PETG.

Agrarisch thermovormen Agrarisch thermovormen

Agriculture and horticulture

Suitable plastic types

About thermoforming for agriculture and horticulture

In agriculture and horticulture we also find a large number of end products made of plastic that are produced by means of the vacuum forming technique. Examples include flower pots, substrate holders and trays. In addition, Amari Plastics supplies plastic sheet materials for the manufacture of ebb and flood basins. 

POS en winkelinrichting thermovormen POS en winkelinrichting thermovormen

Shopfitting and Point of Sale

Suitable plastics

About thermoforming for shopfitting and Point of Sale

In this sector, polystyrene and ABS are mainly used for the manufacture of displays and pricing systems. The excellent printability of these materials in combination with the vacuum forming technique enable the production of attractive displays.

Thermovormen bouw industrie Thermovormen bouw industrie


Suitable plastics

About thermoforming for industry and construction

Plastics such as PVC, PET, ABS, PE and PP find their way to the industrial and construction market as moulded end products. In the industrial market you see products such as protective hoods, machine parts and housings. Tent panels, roof ducts and parts for air handling equipment are some examples of vacuum forming applications in construction. Amari Plastics also has special plastics available for the automotive sector.