Neon Signs

The most beautiful plastic applications in the dark

Illuminated signs spread their message across streets and squares, while illuminated shop windows demand more modest attention. Outdoor advertising shows us the way, tells us where we are and what to expect when we get there. Due to the many manifestations and possibilities, it influences our environment and therefore our daily experience. Expert knowledge is required to make sustainable illuminated advertisements. Illuminated advertising requires special specifications. Choice of materials, electricity, LED/Neon lighting and mounting at height, there is a lot to consider. 

LED-suitable acrylic LED-suitable acrylic

LED-suitable acrylic

Unique features

  • Perfect light distribution
  • No light source points visible
  • Enables more sustainable illuminated advertising

About Acrylic for LED advertising

Like the rest of the advertising world, the illuminated advertising sector is not standing still. Conventional lighting methods are increasingly being replaced by LED lighting. This method of lighting is significantly more sustainable and uses less energy. However, the use of LED also requires new developments in the plastics world. For this reason LED suitable Acrylic has been created. This acrylic sheet provides excellent light transmission for LED lighting. In addition, the plate has been developed in such a way that light source points are not visible and a perfect light distribution is present.

Acrylic neon signs Acrylic neon signs


Unique features

  • Wide range of colours and sizes
  • Higher light transmission than glass
  • Unbeatably bright

About acrylic for lighting

Acrylic is a very versatile plastic material that is used for a variety of advertising applications, both indoors and outdoors. A characteristic of acrylic is its unsurpassed, perfect light transmission and formability. Above all, acrylic is many times lighter than glass.

Amari Sustainable Sustainable alternatives to Acrylic


Unique features

  • B1 (fire) classified
  • Clear material between polycarbonate and acrylic in
  • Very good printable

About PETG for lighting

When it comes to illuminated advertising in interior spaces, PETG is the ultimate material. This co-polyester sheet can be vacuum formed and is also impact resistant. Its great printability gives designers creative freedom. High fire safety requirements apply to many interior spaces and PETG is classified B1 (fire), which means that it has excellent properties in terms of fire behaviour.

Amari Sustainable Sustainable alternative to PETG

Vivak® GP Eco - PETG sheet - 40% reclaimed content and 100% recyclable