Nameplates & Signage

Printable, editable and weatherproof materials

Traditionally, nameplates and signage are very similar. Both indicate the direction to a target. The Signage sector owes its name to it. After all, sign means nothing more than sign or signs. Advertising is a profession in its own right and that also applies to signage. A signpost never stands alone, but is always based on a plan. Placing signage in a building or on a site requires knowledge of how people move, orient themselves and receive information. The choice of materials plays an important role in this.

Acrylic Acrylic


Unique features

  • Unbeatably bright
  • Wide range of colours and sizes
  • 100% weatherproof

About Acrylic for nameplates and signage

Acrylate is also a wonderful solution for name plates and road signs. Whether clear or in one of our [150] colours, the possibilities are almost endless. Acrylic can also be machined in many different ways and the sheet material can be shaped as desired. The many versions and the absolute weather resistance ensure that acrylic can be used in many different ways. Acrylate also offers the solution for visibility in dark rooms or at night. Due to the high light transmission of the material, acrylic is beautifully visible at all times. 

Amari Sustainable Sustainable alternatives to Acrylic

LED lighting LED lighting


Unique features

  • Excellent visibility in the dark
  • Low light loss in the long term
  • Lower energy costs
  • Easy to install
  • Low maintenance costs thanks to longer service life

About LED for nameplates and signage

LED lighting is increasingly used in road signs in traffic, public transport and public buildings. After a test period, it turned out that LED lighting is 33 percent more efficient than current fluorescent tubes. The guaranteed life is at least five years with full continuous burning and will last up to ten years when switched off during daylight. The purchase costs are almost always lower than those of the traditionally used fluorescent tubes.

The application of LED lighting in road signage has now more than proven itself and is also increasingly used in car parks garages and public transport.

PVC foam nameplate PVC foam nameplate

PVC foam

Unique features

  • Light weight
  • Excellent printability

About PVC foam for nameplates  and signage

For short and medium term indoor and outdoor applications (two to three years), PVC foam is an excellent choice. These lightweight PVC foam sheets are optimised for digital print, because the surface is smooth and flat, but also high white. In combination with optimal ink adhesion and color fastness, beautiful prints can be achieved. 

Amari Sustainable Sustainable alternative to PVC Foam

Foamalux Xtra - PVC Foam - up to 80% reclaimed content and 100% recyclable

ACM - Aluminium composite material ACM - Aluminium composite material

Aluminium composite material (ACM)

Unique features

  • Strong, stiff and flat
  • Excellent printability
  • Available in metallic, graphite, brushed and mirror finishes

Abount aluminium composite material for nameplates and signage

Strong, stiff and light are the three characteristics of aluminum composite.  The sheet is made of two 0.3 mm thick aluminium plates with a core of high-quality polyethylene. It can be shaped and processed without hindrance. The 'Digital White' version has been developed especially for flatbed digital printing. This allows an extra dimension to be added when the decor calls for it. In addition to white and coloured sheets with a glossy surface, Amari Plastics also stocks metalic, graphite, brushed and mirror finishes.

Engraving laminate nameplate Engraving laminate nameplate

Engraving laminate

Unique features

  • Light and robust
  • Easy to process
  • Weather and corrosion resistant

About engraving laminate for nameplates  and signage

When the choice falls on nameplates and/or signage with an aluminum look, engraving laminate is the material par excellence. Despite their low thickness, the sheets are absolutely strong and robust. In addition, the sheets are light, which makes mounting very easy. Engraving laminate sheets are available in white and metallic. The plates' even surface allows it to be printed and lettered well. Thanks to its corrosion and weather resistance, ABET can be used both indoors and outdoors for nameplates and signage.