Control Panels

Scratch-resistant with good printability and graphic properties

Metal front and control panels have been rapidly replaced by plastic in recent years. In addition to an important weight saving, plastic offers more design freedom. Using the well-known printing techniques, almost all colourful designs are possible. Plastic control panels are used in the mechanical engineering, electronics and automotive industries.

Polycarbonate film Polycarbonate film

Polycarbonate film

Unique features

  • Impact resistant
  • Suitable for printing
  • Scratch-resistant

About polycarbonate film for control panels

Polycarbonate film is widely used front end control panels. The material is characterised by good scratch-resistance and excellent printability, offering great ink adhesion.  Further advantages include the beautiful transparency, high temperature resistance and low shrinkage during processing. The scratch-resistant structure, in combination with printing on the reverse, ensures an extremely long life.