Vending Machines

Plastics for indoor and outdoor vending machines

For an optimal presentation of your cooled or heated products in a vending machine, Amari Plastics supplies various crystal-clear or semi-clear materials in Polyester or Polycarbonate rolls and sheet material. Due to the wide range of temperatures to which these materials can be subject, they are excellently available for your vending machine.

PET-G Verkoopautomaten PET-G Verkoopautomaten


Unique features

  • Good fire-resistant properties (request the specification)
  • Clear material (between Acrylic and Polycarbonate)
  • Highly printable

About PETG for vending machines

PETG is widely used in vending machines. Thanks to its  good (vacuum) formability, printability and mechanical properties, PETG is also a logical choice for complex (transparent) vending machines. In addition, PETG is impact-resistant, so that the machine can withstand knocks. In terms of fire behaviour, PETG complies with classification B1 which is important for vending machines.

Amari Sustainable Sustainable alternative to PETG

Vivak® GP Eco - PETG sheet with 40% reclaimed content and 100% recyclable

verkoopautomaten polycarbonaat verkoopautomaten polycarbonaat


Unique features

  • Vandal resistant
  • Suitable for cold bend and setting

About Polycarbonate for Vending Machines

When the vending machines are placed in locations where the risk of damage is greater, [Lexan] offers the solution. Because [Lexan] is 250 times stronger than glass, it is not easy to break, in other words, vandal-proof. The combination of this impact resistance with the optical purity of the Polycarbonate sheet sets it apart from other materials. An additional advantage of [Lexan] is that it can be bent and set when cold. In addition, it is good for digital printing and screen printing.

Amari Sustainable Sustainable alternative to Polycarbonate

Exolon® GP Eco - Polycarbonate sheet with 40% reclaimed content and 100% recyclable