The best plastics for store shelving

For shop fittings in the retail sector, Amari Plastics has an attractive range of plastic materials available, ranging from wafer-thin clear and coloured rolls to attractive sheets in various thicknesses. The choice is wide and Amari Plastics offers you plenty of options to attract the attention of the customer through your shop interior. 

PETG - Polyethylene Terephthalate Glycol shopfittings PETG - Polyethylene Terephthalate Glycol shopfittings


Unique Features

  • Great design freedom
  • Good fire-resistant properties (request the specification)
  • Excellent vacuum forming properties

About PETG for shop fittings

It is logical that PETG is often used for shop fittings. Thanks to its excellent vacuum forming properties and good printability, PETG offers designers enormous design freedom. In addition, PETG is suitable for foodstuffs and has good burning properties. With PETG it is also possible to produce complex shop fittings of high quality. PETG is impact resistant and can take a beating.

Amari Sustainable Sustainable alternative to PETG

Vivak® GP Eco - PETG sheet - 40% reclaimed content and 100% recyclable

Acrylic shopfittings Acrylic shopfittings


Unique Features

  • Very extensive stock program
  • Higher light transmission than glass
  • Unbeatably bright

About Acrylic for shopfittings

Acrylic is praised for its unsurpassed clarity and formability. This combination is a success for many applications and also for shop fittings. Due to the unsurpassed clarity, Acrylic is a wonderful material for transparent shop fittings such as partitions and plastic shop shelves. Moreover, Acrylic is easy to process, making it easy to create the required dimensions.

However, the Amari Plastics Acrylic range includes much more than just transparent sheets. With, for example, pigmented colours, matte finishes and Dual Satin sheets, the design options for shop fitting are also limitless. 

Amari Sustainable Sustainable alternatives to Acrylic

Polystyrene shopfittings Polystyrene shopfittings

Polystyrene sheet

Unique features

  • Excellent to process
  • Food-safe (on request)
  • Wide range of colours and sizes

About polystyrene sheet for shopfittings

Polystyrene sheet is highly suitable for shopfittings applications. It has excellent thermoformability, which means it can be shaped into any desired form for a beautiful result in your store. Moreover, Food-safe Polystyrene sheet is available  in a wide range of colours and sizes to suit your demanding needs.

PVC shopfittings PVC shopfittings

PVC sheet

Unique features

  • Virtually no moisture absorption
  • Food-safe (on request)
  • Excellent printability (digital printing and screen printing)

About PVC sheet for shopfittings

PVC sheets are free from moisture absorption, have endless graphic possibilities and are food-safe, making it an excellent material for numerous shop fittings. Whether for partitions, substrates or rear walls, it can be realised with PVC sheet. In addition the material is very easy to work with and available in a wide range of colours and designs. Extra Impact-resistant PVC-sheet is also one of Amari Plastics' standard delivery options.

PVC foam shopfittings PVC foam shopfittings

PVC foam sheet

Unique features

  • Wide stock range
  • Light weight
  • Excellent processability

About PVC foam sheet for shopfittings

PVC foam sheet is highly suited to applications such as shop shelves, rear walls and housing. The foamed core of the material guarantees a weight saving of 50% compared to solid counterparts. This makes shelves, for example, lighter and therefore easier to handle. Although foamed on the inside, the sheet material is strong and impact-resistant, so it has sufficient load-bearing capacity. Amari Plastics supplies PVC foam sheet in a large number of colours. The sheet is fully coloured so there are no colour differences between the edges and sides after processing.

Amari Sustainable Sustainable alternative to PVC Foam

Foamalux Xtra - PVC Foam - up to 80% reclaimed content and 100% recyclable