Museum Interiors

Materials suitable for interiors and displays

Museums tell stories that we should not forget. With their collections, museums surprise and enrich visitors, communities and society as a whole. In order to draw attention to this in an appropriate way, museums are constantly looking for opportunities to exhibit content. Plastics are used both in the actual exhibition and in the furnishing of the museums. Below are a number of plastics that can be used for this.

Acrylic for museum interiors Acrylic for museum interiors


Unique features

  • Wide range of colours, sizes and thicknessess
  • Higher light transmission than glass
  • Unbeatably bright

About acrylic for museum interiors

Museums often have a calm and at the same time luxurious, chic appearance. When the interior requires it, acrylic offers the best solution. As with many other applications, acrylic can also be of service here with its special allure. Moreover, acrylic is unsurpassedly clear and very easy to form, with which the most diverse designs can be created. Acrylic can serve as glazing, display cases, surfaces, backgrounds, etc. Amari Plastics has a very extensive range of acrylic with different types and colours.

Amari Sustainable Sustainable alternatives to Acrylic

Acrylic mirror for museum interiors Acrylic mirror for museum interiors

Acrylic mirror

Unique features

  • Safe
  • Impact resistant and lightweight
  • Easy to process

About acrylic mirror for museum interiors

Acrylic mirror sheet is regularly used in the design of museums. Where glass mirrors are too heavy, or where design freedom is limited by the processing options of glass, the Acrylic mirror sheet offers a solution. The material is easy to process with conventional wood processing machines. In addition, it is lightweight and significantly more impact-resistant than glass. The acrylic mirror sheet can also be cold bent to a certain radius. Amari Plastics offers the possibility to supply various colours and even spy mirrors in addition to the silver variant.