Veranda and conservatory roofs

Modern, lightweight materials that stay cool in summer and warm in winter

Plastics had their first roof glazing application on industrial roofs as lightweight replacements for steel and wire glass. The vast majority of conservatory and veranda roofs are now also constructed with multi-walled plastics. The benefits are almost self-evident. Its light weight creates diffused light transmission and good thermal insulation. Amari Plastics supplies a wide range of sheet materials and the associated aluminum profile systems to complete your conservatory roof project.

Acrylaat Veranda beglazing Acrylaat Veranda beglazing


Unique features

  • Wide range of colours, sizes and thicknesses
  • Higher light transmission than glass
  • Unbeatably bright

About acrylic for veranda and conservatory roofs

Transparent and weather-resistant, acrylic is one of the most commonly used types of material for veranda and conservatory roofs. 

We have a wide range of products in both cast and extruded formats.

Amari Sustainable Sustainable alternatives to Acrylic

Lexan veranda en serre beglazing Lexan veranda en serre beglazing


Unique features

  • Light weight
  • Unique UV resistance
  • Can be bent cold (min. radius 100x sheet thickness)
  • Cold to edge (set)

About polycarbonate for veranda and conservatory roofs

Polycarbonate distinguishes itself from other plastics by its optical purity in combination with a very high impact resistance. Polycarbonate sheets are as much as 250 times stronger than glass of the same thickness. In addition they can be cooled and bent. This unique combination makes polycarbonate particularly suitable for veranda and conservatory roofs. 

Amari Sustainable Sustainable alternative to Polycarbonate

Exolon® GP Eco - up to 40% recycled content and 100% recyclable

Lexan Thermoclear IR Veranda- en serredaken Lexan Thermoclear IR Veranda- en serredaken

Multi-wall polycarbonate

Unique features

  • Virtually unbreakable
  • 2-sides UV resistant
  • Cold bendable

About multi-wall polycarbonate for veranda and conservatory roofs

Multi-walled polycarbonate sheets can in principle be produced in any desired length. Because the virtually unbreakable sheets are light and stiff, large surfaces can be produced with less support. The material is easy to shape and saw and is therefore extremely suitable for conservatory and veranda roof glazing.

Lexan Thermoclear Veranda- en serredaken Lexan Thermoclear Veranda- en serredaken

Lexan Thermoclear IR

Unieke kenmerken

  • Warmtewering, beste LTG ratio (light to solar gain ratio)
  • Hoge lichtdoorlaat
  • Uitstekende thermisch isolerende eigenschappen

Over Lexan Thermoclear IR voor veranda- en serredaken

Door het toevoegen van speciale additieven in het granulaat tijdens het productie proces is Lexan Thermoclear Solar Control Infra Rood het enige kunststof meerwandige plaatmateriaal met integrale warmtewering. De additieven blokkeren het infrarood gebied van het licht dat warmte veroorzaakt, maar behoud daarentegen een hoge lichttransmissie. 

Op alle plaatsen waar hoge lichttransmissie, thermische isolatie en slagvastheid is vereist, maar hoge warmte doorlaat niet, zoals bij verandadaken, is Lexan Thermoclear IR de beste keuze.