Introducing the Amari Sustainable World

Bit by bit, we can all take steps to improve our sustainability. That’s why we’ve worked long and hard to create the Amari Sustainable World. Here you’re opened up to a new dimension of creative possibilities for retail outlets, vehicle wrapping, bars and restaurants, and much, much more. And all using three sustainable product ranges: Green Cast®, 3MTM EnvisionTM and Oshino B-LEDs.

When it comes to our Philharmonic theatre, the stage’s spot light isn’t the only light that stands out. Its illuminated signage makes a bright statement as it’s manufactured using two of our sustainable products. Green Cast® Seta-LED®, alike all Green Cast® products, is 100% recycled and recyclable to meet the ever-increasing demands of retailers to have a commercially attractive yet environmentally friendly result for signage and displays. Partnered with Oshino B-LED modules, aesthetically pleasing signage, similar to the Philharmonic, is achieved with lower energy consumption, minimum labour costs and reduced CO2 emissions.

Or perhaps something else in our world has caught your eye. The bright lights of the Car Charge and Big Chef totem poles are constructed with Green Cast® Seta-LED® – great for lighting and prestigious visual communication, thanks to its diffusing power.

Day or night, black or white, you can always find your way. That’s because Green Cast® Polarlite® Night & Day allows the creation of sophisticated signs, giving the possibility of having a product that can be two colours – black when not backlighted and white at night when the sign is lit.

Cars, buses and trams alike can be revitalised using just one product range – 3MTM EnvisionTM. This range introduces the first non-PVC, high-performing wrap: a friendly alternative for the environment. And not only are there stacks of environmental benefits, but they also look the part too. So, is it time to transform your smart car?

And coming to a cinema screen near you… is big and bold promotional wall and floor graphics. As seen in the Amari Sustainable World, 3MTM EnvisionTM is durable, reliable and of the highest print quality. Perfect for bringing your building to life.

With the number of departments in a supermarket, big visual communications often help. And Green Cast® Seta-Letter® does just that. A dense cast acrylic sheet, this material is designed to facilitate the creation of logos, letters and advertising signs.

The commercial interiors sector plays host to a varied range of applications. Green Cast® Metallic® offers an enhanced effect with a high aesthetic value, ideal for a plush theatre bar that has a beautiful décor. A great (and sustainable) alternative to real metal. Or if your project is looking for a subtle touch of privacy, Green Cast® Setasand® words wonders for partition walls. Setasand is a two-sided frosted acrylic sheet. Its sandblasted finish combined with the intrinsic hardness of PMMA allows for a higher performance for restaurants and bars.

You may have recognised the name of our perfume store – The Parfum Shop. Aptly named after Green Cast® Setaparfum®, perfume and cosmetic counters are the perfect application areas for this material. Again, 100% recycled and recyclable, these cast acrylic sheets provide an improved resistance to chemical attacks that is up to 40 times more resistant than extruded acrylic sheets.

In short, you can create or transform a whole world with only sustainable products. And Amari Plastics is proud to supply you with an expansive selection of sustainable ranges. So, why not choose your ecological product today?

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