Amari & Sustainability

As the UK’s leading distributor of plastics and related materials, Amari Plastics is always keen to push the industry with environmental practices. Because, yes, we may supply and distribute plastics, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be conscientious about how we go about it.

Companies across all of the supply chain need to take notice of the current environmental focus on how end users treat their plastics at the end of their service life. As distributors and suppliers, we all need to enforce the impact that plastic pollution has on the environment when it is discarded and the global benefits it can have with the recycling and reusing of all plastic.

In fact, did you know that the unique characteristics of plastics enable them to play a major role in creating a more sustainable and resource efficient future? Lightweight, versatile and durable, plastics can help save key resources such as energy and water in strategic sectors that include packaging, building and construction, automotive and renewable energy. But they need to be recycled properly for them to be restorative and sustainable.

So, what are we going to do to help? Well, Amari Plastics supplies our customers the tools to make more ecological choices. We do this in two ways: by providing a specialist range of sustainable materials, and by practicing the safe disposal of industry plastics, thanks to Recycled Plastics (part of the Amari Plastics family of specialists). Perhaps you’re looking to update your signage with a new supply of Green Cast? Dispose of your old plastics by getting in touch with Recycled Plastics, an organisation dedicated to the resourceful recycling of your waste materials.

And going even further, over the coming months we’ll be introducing to you our sustainable range of products and inspiring you with innovative applications of these materials. Bit by bit, we can all take steps to improve our sustainability. And with products and initiatives like these, Amari Plastics is proud to lead the way.

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