Solid Surface: The best of man-made, the beauty of natural.

Imagine a world where manmade solid interior surfaces beat traditional materials on nearly every count.

Well, this is the reality. More and more architects, designers and fabricators are specifying solid surface over materials such as granite, marble and stone.

But why are they making the switch? What is solid surface? And why is it so good?

Solid surface material is made up of aluminium hydroxide and either acrylic or polyester, mixed with natural minerals and pigments to mimic natural materials. But why would you pick an alternative when you can have the real deal?

Well firstly solid surface materials are easier to process – much to the delight of fabricators. Easy to form, solid surfaces can be bent, shaped, thermoformed or engraved to create infinite 2D and 3D creations – impossible to do with traditional materials such as granite and marble.

Something of a contradiction, but all the better for it, solid surfaces are flexible in use, and yet solid in performance. These surfaces are resistant to flame, stains and chemicals – meaning greater longevity and value for money in harder wearing areas.

Bathrooms can be transformed from only being places of hygiene to rooms of expression; round, curved and extra stylised, virtually seamless, and all through the power of solid surface.

Meeting rooms can be custom-colour matched, engraved and designed to impress.

Solid surface materials can also be created into stunning lighting displays. Hotel bars can be adorned with semi-transparent materials and stunning hues. The chance to backlight cabinets, walls and reception desks with creative mood lighting, custom fittings and signage is there, something which was difficult, if not impossible with other natural materials.

This material truly is the best of man-made with all the beauty of natural. So now you don’t have to imagine. Solid surface materials are the future of interiors – and they’re already here.

At Amari, we’re proud to represent Kerrock – one of the leading solid surfaces on the market. With 92 standard colours and decors in the Kerrock range, including the Lumino lighting range and custom colours and finishes available – you can achieve your exact vision, whether it’s completely natural or totally out there. Contact us today at to find out more about solid surfaces and Kerrock today.

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