Product Spotlight: Kerrock

Designers and architects can have it all. The natural beauty of granite, combined with the versatility, adaptability and durability of man-made. It’s all thanks to a special aluminium hydroxide and acrylic based polymer material, otherwise known as Kerrock. Beautiful, hardwearing, and opening up untapped design potential, you’re only limited by your imagination.

Gone are the days where a bathroom is just a place of hygiene. Through Kerrock’s thermoforming capabilities, you can create expression. From flat, round and curved to extra stylised forms, virtually seamless structures are achieved every time. So, sit back, relax, and let Kerrock do the rest.

Or how about knocking your lounge into shape? Literally any shape. Kerrock’s unique properties allow the creation of shapes and structures that are nearly impossible to achieve using standard materials. Whether you’re looking for a beautifully understated shape or something more bold and dynamic, it’s your choice.

But it’s not just shapes and structures that Kerrock can achieve. Resistant to chemicals and flame retardant, the modern material can be fabricated at a high heat to create a whole new dimension to any interior. As surroundings often encourage productivity, why have a work environment with no character? Instead, craft a meeting room that commands attention and unleash your full potential.

So it’s durable, resistant, non-porous, it’s got all the hardwearing attributes. But, does it look the part? Let’s picture the scene… a lavish hotel with a beautiful, welcoming reception. Behind the desk is an intricate print of the brand that you’re sure to remember. That’s because Kerrock’s solid surface can be engraved to allow a designer’s most creative visions to be realised and brought to life.

The reception desk itself looks like high-grade granite, but it isn’t. This is just one of the 92 standard colours and decors in the Kerrock range. And if you still can’t find the colour you’re looking for, then don’t worry. Exclusively at Amari Plastics, we offer an unrivalled colour matching service to enable you to have custom colours made to your specific requirements.

Prop yourself up at the hotel bar, you never know who you may meet. Step into the limelight… and the pink light, and the blue light with the Lumino lighting range. The semi-transparent material is available in 5 stunning hues and offers an abundance of new possibilities in backlighting cabinets, walls, reception desks and creative mood lighting with custom fittings and signage.

So why not consider Kerrock for your next project? Literally whatever that might be. From bathroom sinks to furniture – everything inside and outside your premises can be made from Kerrock, thanks to the endless amount of design opportunities. It’s a material that confidently reassures time after time after time. Secure your order by contacting and discover a world of Kerrock today.

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