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MACal.® 8200 Pro

MACal.® 8200 Pro is specifically designed for all your short term applications.

MACal.® 8200 Pro is specifically designed for all your short term applications. With external durability of 4 years in black/white and 3 years in colours, this range is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. Available in both gloss and matt colours, the MACal.®  8200 Pro series is perfect for window graphics, signs and exhibitions and is specifically designed for fast weeding even on small letters and shapes.

To reserve your order of MACal.® 8200 Pro, contact your local Amari Plastics Centre and quote the product codes VM1000061U to VM1901123U.

Properties & advantages at a glance
  • 75μ thick monomeric calendered vinyl.
  • Excellent dimensional stability.
  • 135gsm liner with blue backprinting for easy application. For white vinyls, grey silicone coating on the liner ensures contrast with the vinyl for easy stripping and application.
  • 50 gloss and 50 matt colours available.
  • Permanent water based acrylic adhesive.
  • M1 certified

Processing instructions for MACal® 8200 Pro:

Computer Cutting:

  • Neat and quick cutting with most plotters.
  • It is important to adjust the cutting depth to ensure the liner does not split and come away with the adhesive when transferring the vinyl to Application Tape.


  • It is recommended that you carry out suitability tests as adverse reactions may occur when applying MACal8200 Pro to some substrates.
  • The transfer of the cut vinyl onto the Application Tape should always be performed by removing the liner from the pressure-sensitive material (i.e. with the PVC face down-wards onto the working surface) and not by lifting off the Application Tape.
  • Make sure the material to which you are applying the vinyl is clean of dust and any contaminants.
  • Can be applied onto flat surfaces using either the dry or wet application method.

Edge Sealing and Varnishing:

  • If exposure to chemicals and solvents is likely, it is important to seal the edges with a varnish to stop the edges lifting.


  • MACal8200 Pro is used for a number of short term applications both internally and externally such as, wall and floor graphics, vehicle markings, signs and permanent promotional applications.
MACal.® 8200 Pro offer:
Interior / Exterior Use
Code Name / Colour Finish
8209-00 Sulfur Yellow Gloss
8209-01 Crocus Yellow Gloss
8209-02 Traffic Yellow Gloss
8209-03 Melon Gloss
8209-04 Shining Orange Gloss
8209-05 Mandarine Gloss
8259-00 Vivid Red Gloss
8259-01 Traffic Red Gloss
8259-02 Shining Red Gloss
8259-03 Carmine Red Gloss
8259-04 Signal Red Gloss
8259-05 Purple Red Gloss
8259-06 Telemagenta Gloss
8259-07 Deep Purple Gloss
8259-08 Lilac Gloss
8239-08 Lavender Gloss
8239-09 Purple Blue Gloss
8239-10 Brilliant Blue Gloss
8239-00 Steel Blue Gloss
8239-01 Sapphire Blue Gloss
8239-02 Cobalt Blue Gloss
8239-03 Ultramarine Blue Gloss
8239-04 Gentian Blue Gloss
8239-05 Heaven Blue Gloss
8239-06 Light Blue Gloss
8239-07 Swimming Pool Gloss
8249-06 Mint Gloss
8249-07 Turquoise Gloss
8249-08 Petrol Gloss
8249-00 Dark Green Gloss
8249-01 Forest Green Gloss
8249-02 Billiard Green Gloss
8249-03 Light Green Gloss
8249-04 Yellow Green Gloss
8249-05 Lime Gloss
8229-01 Sahara Gloss
8229-02 Cream Gloss
8283-00 Nut Brown Gloss
8283-01 Terra Brown Gloss
8289-00 Black Gloss
8289-01 Traffic Grey B Gloss
8289-02 Basalt Grey Gloss
8289-03 Telegrey Gloss
8289-04 Traffic Grey A Gloss
8289-05 Agate Grey Gloss
8229-00 White Gloss
8269-01 Silver Gloss
8279-02 Gold Gloss
8279-03 Copper Gloss
8299-00 Clear Gloss
8208-00 Sulfur Yellow Matt
8208-01 Crocus Yellow Matt
8208-02 Traffic Yellow Matt
8208-03 Melon Matt
8208-04 Shining Orange Matt
8208-05 Mandarine Matt
8258-00 Vivid Red Matt
8258-01 Traffic Red Matt
8258-02 Shining Red Matt
8258-03 Carmine Red Matt
8258-04 Signal Red Matt
8258-05 Purple Red Matt
8258-06 Telemagenta Matt
8258-07 Deep Purple Matt
8258-08 Lilac Matt
8238-08 Lavender Matt
8238-09 Purple Blue Matt
8238-10 Brilliant Blue Matt
8238-00 Steel Blue Matt
8238-01 Sapphire Blue Matt
8238-02 Cobalt Blue Matt
8238-03 Ultramarine Blue Matt
8238-04 Gentian Blue Matt
8238-05 Heaven Blue Matt
8238-06 Light Blue Matt
8238-07 Swimming Pool Matt
8248-06 Mint Matt
8248-07 Turquoise Matt
8248-08 Petrol Matt
8248-00 Dark Green Matt
8248-01 Forest Green Matt
8248-02 Billiard Green Matt
8248-03 Light Green Matt
8248-04 Yellow Green Matt
8248-05 Lime Matt
8228-01 Sahara Matt
8228-02 Cream Matt
8282-00 Nut Brown Matt
8282-01 Terra Brown Matt
8288-00 Black Matt
8288-01 Traffic Grey B Matt
8288-02 Basalt Grey Matt
8288-03 Telegrey Matt
8288-04 Traffic Grey A Matt
8288-05 Agate Grey Matt
8228-00 White Matt
8268-01 Silver Matt
8278-02 Gold Matt
8278-03 Copper Matt
8298-00 Clear Matt
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