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LUMEX® A is the newest brand on the market for premium quality amorphous polyethylene terephthalate (A-PET). It is the best choice for flat and arched applications.

  • Shows extremely good printability with UV curing inks
  • Flame retardant rated difficult to ignite
  • Approved for direct contact with food
  • Impact resistant
  • Excellent outdoor durability
  • 100% recyclable within its own waste category
  • Tough and hard with high impact strength also at sub-zero temperatures
    down to – 20°C
  • Outdoor durability up to 4 years even for standard types
  • High chemical resistance against cleaning agents, mineral oils and solvents

LUMEX® A sheets offer a unique combination of excellent properties and occupy an unrivalled ecological position amongst fully transparent and translucent sheet materials. LUMEX®A has a protective film on both sides.

(Upper side: transparent, printed / lower side: transparent, unprinted)

LUMEX A offer:
Environmentally Friendly
Interior / Exterior Use
Screen Printable
UV Digitally Printable
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