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KAPA plast

KAPA® plast combines bright white polyethylene liners with a polyurethane foam core.

The surface provides excellent printing quality, perfect ink adhesion and an ideal surface tension. Due to the flatness and stability of KAPA® plast it can be printed at high speed with no fear of head strikes. All KAPA® boards have a non-crumbling foam core, so the print area remains dust free even after cutting.

Processing instructions for KAPA® lightweight boards
  • Use a cutting mat as an underlay
  • Mark out the size to be cut
Manual cutting:

Position a steel or aluminium straight edge, pressing down to prevent slippage. Cut in a smooth, continuous motion along the straight edge, (keeping the cutting blade as flat as possible). Multiple passes may be necessary, especially on boards of 5mm thickness and more.

Cutting with a vertical or table cutting unit:

Set up the cutting guide precisely and at 90°. The material holder and the cutting head are then moved, either manually or electrically.

Properties & advantages at a glance
  • Premium KAPA® product – with unique PE liners
  • The brightest, whitest product available to the print market
  • Consistent, smooth surface & incredibly stable
    (favoured digital print media for machinery manufacturers)
  • Moisture resistant and can be used externally for up to three months
KAPA plast offer:
Interior / Exterior Use
Screen Printable
UV Digitally Printable
Technical Specification
Product Code Size(mm) Thickness(mm) Product Reference Box Quantity
KA5100308 1000x700 3 KAPA plast 40
KA5100314 1400x1000 3 KAPA plast 40
KA5100508 1000x700 5 KAPA plast 24
KA5100530 1400x1000 5 KAPA plast 24
KA5100560 3000x1400 5 KAPA plast 18
KA5100563 3050x1530 5 KAPA plast 16
KA5100540 2440x1220 5 KAPA plast 18
KA5100570 3050x2050 5 KAPA plast 16
KA5101008 1000x700 10 KAPA plast 12
KA5101014 1400x1000 10 KAPA plast 12
KA5101060 3000x1400 10 KAPA plast 12
KA5101064 3050x1530 10 KAPA plast 8
KA0101070 3050x2050 10 KAPA plast 8
KA0101040 2440x1220 10 KAPA plast 12
KA5101560 3000x1400 15 KAPA plast 8
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