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KAPA line

A polyurethane foam board with high quality box board liners for all printing and mounting applications.

KAPA®line is well established in the graphic, screen printing and flat-bed UV digital sector thanks to the solvent resistant polyurethane foam core and consistent smooth surfaces.

Fields where KAPA® polyurethane lightweight boards show their strength are conventional mounting of large format photos, digital prints, posters, plans, cards and displays. Additionally, in finishing processes KAPA® lightweight boards impress with their easy straight and contour cutting properties.

Properties & advantages at a glance
  • Suitable for all printing processes
  • Quick drying
  • Fast and easy trimming, sizing, fretting and punching
  • Lightweight sheet with no PVC content
KAPA line offer:
Interior Use
Screen Printable
UV Digitally Printable
Technical Specification
Product Code Size(mm) Thickness(mm) Product Reference Box Quantity
KA1100408 1000x700 5 KAPA line 24
KA1100514 1400x1000 5 KAPA line 24
KA1100508 1016x762 5 KAPA line 24
KA1100516 1524x1016 5 KAPA line 24
KA1100540 2440x1220 5 KAPA line 18
KA1100506 3000x1400 5 KAPA line 18
KA1100564 3050x1530 5 KAPA line 16
KA1100570 3050x2050 5 KAPA line 16
KA1101408 1000x700 10 KAPA line 12
KA1101514 1400x1000 10 KAPA line 12
KA1101040 2440x1220 10 KAPA line 12
KA1101060 3000x1400 10 KAPA line 12
KA1101064 3050x1530 10 KAPA line 8
KA1101070 3050x2050 10 KAPA line 8
KA1101516 1524x1016 10 KAPA line 12
KA1115405 1000x700 15 KAPA line 8
KA1115514 1400x1000 15 KAPA line 8
KA1115560 3000x1400 15 KAPA line 8
KA1120560 3000x1400 20 KAPA line 6
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