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DILITE® is the premium grade, economy version of DIBOND®. Utilising 0.21mm aluminium skins instead of 0.3mm, the weight of the sheet is significantly reduced and therefore is available at a more competitive rate.

The quality of DILITE® is uncompromised by the change of thickness. The aluminium used is still the A/Mg1 grade that is unique to 3A display grade ACM sheets and the polyethylene core is the same high quality middle.

The smooth surface of DILITE® makes it ideal for UV flatbed digital printing or screen printing.

DILITE® is excellent for use with vinyl graphics and can be used for simple, single-fold 3D POS items.

Dilite comes in the following colours Traffic Yellow (UU20), Traffic Red (UU40), Ultramarine Blue (UU70) and Jet Black (UU90).

Properties & advantages at a glance
    • Only display grade ACM to be lined with the unique A/Mg1 alloy based aluminium which allows the product to be recycled
    • A/Mg1 alloy allows 3D formation of shapes and ensures routing and folding is easier than other sheets based on different alloys
    • Reduced wear and tear and cutter heads due to the A/Mg1 alloy
    • Low thermal expansion rate compared to many plastics
    • A relatively low weight product with great stiffness and dimensional stability

DILITE® gloss finish have the highest gloss level available of any ACM sheet

DILITE offer:
Environmentally Friendly
Interior / Exterior Use
Screen Printable
UV Digitally Printable
Technical Specification
Product Code Size(mm) Thickness(mm) Product Reference
UU1012044M 2500x1250 2 DILITE Platinum White
UU1012063M 3050x1500 2 DILITE Platinum White
UU1013044M 2500x1250 3 DILITE Platinum White
UU1013061D 3050x1250 3 DILITE Platinum White
UU1013063M 3050x1500 3 DILITE Platinum White
UU1013069M 3023x2050 3 DILITE Platinum White
UU1013077M 4050x1500 3 DILITE Platinum White
UU1013080M 4050x2050 3 DILITE Platinum White
UU1013084M 6050x1500 3 DILITE Platinum White
UU1013087M 6050x2050 3 DILITE Platinum White
UU1012044D 2500x1250 2 DILITE Platinum White
UU1012063D 3050x1500 2 DILITE Platinum White
UU1013044D 2500x1250 3 DILITE Platinum White
UU1013063D 3050x1500 3 DILITE Platinum White
UU1013077D 4050x1500 3 DILITE Platinum White
UU1014044D 2500x1250 4 DILITE Platinum White
UU1014063D 3050x1500 4 DILITE Platinum White
UUBFM3044 2500x1250 3 DILITE Butler
UUBFM3061 3050x1250 3 DILITE Butler
UUBFM3063 3050x1500 3 DILITE Butler
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