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Oshino LEDs. For glowing results.

From plastics and related materials to LED lights, Amari Plastics is the only stop to make when stocking up on all your illuminated project supplies.

Oshino B-LED modules are a range exclusive to Amari Plastics. With different lumen outputs and alternative colours, this series is most ideal for a wide variety of sign light applications.

We understand you want the reassurance that your chosen materials are going to withstand the most demanding conditions. Well, rely on the B-LED series. Each module is dust and weather resistant (IP65) as well as being fast to install, low in maintenance, and having a long application life. This state-of-the-art range allows you to create illustrious signage and a bright statement.

And as an extra recommendation from us, partner Oshino B-LED and Greencast® Seta-LED® to achieve aesthetically pleasing signage with excellent environmental results.

As well as B-LED modules, we stock the Oshino H-LED range and accompanying driver units for your lights. So the size and scale of your project really doesn’t matter. We can cater our portfolio of Amari products and services to meet your unique ideals.

To view Oshino and a wide range of our other materials for the Retail & Commercial Interiors market, be sure to visit our Amari showroom at the Business Design Centre in Islington. To arrange a visit, contact us at

For more information and to reserve your order of Oshino LEDs, contact us today.

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