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DIBOND®: Not the only Bond that's sleek, stylish and sophisticated.

Your project needs to exude luxury; a bold, striking look to make all heads turn. At Amari Plastics, we may have just found your one and only choice.

DIBOND® is the original composite material developed by 3A Composites nearly 30 years ago. The material has a polyethylene core sandwiched between two 0.3mm aluminium surface layers, with a protective film applied on each side.

Ideal for interior and exterior signage, shop fronts, fittings and displays, DIBOND® is a lightweight material with a high resistance to the most demanding conditions such as handling, impact and weathering.

This rigid ACM combines a premium aesthetic and dimensional stability. From Butler Finish to Decor, DIBOND® stands out from other ACM sheets because of the innovative range of colours and finishes available. The suave alternative to other materials.

With the DIBOND® FR (fire retardant) grade your project can be super stylish whilst being extremely safe. It is non-toxic and meets fire classifications due to its mineral core. DIBOND® FR is simply a grade above the rest.

To view DIBOND® in premium applications, be sure to visit our Amari showroom at the Business Design Centre in Islington. To arrange a visit, contact us at

For more information and to reserve your order of DIBOND® direct, contact us today.

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